our quarantine picks

There are silver linings to spending more time at home. Here we highlight our quarantine picks and give suggestions on how to make life at home more exciting and fulfilling in these challenging times.


Finding more time on your hands to organise your storage or library? Our natural material woven boxes with covers double up for storage and decor, and would look perfect in any room of your home.  If you need somewhere to organise and carry puzzles and board games, our rattan multipurpose trays will do the trick in style.


Who needs to eat out when you can have themed dinners at home with our salad bowls, cheeseboards and dining table accessories? Let your creativity in the kitchen and dining room soar.


 Feeling pangs of cabin fever? You can bring the outside in with our outdoorsy vibe canvas tropical design cushion covers. Or if gardening is your thing, your indoor plants will look perfect in our beaded and woven multipurpose open baskets. 


Finally, quarantine need not be less caring. Add an extra touch to your Zoom birthdays and celebrations by sending a thoughtful gift to the celebrant, meticulously wrapped and timely delivered by A&A.


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